Broken Chians

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Broken chians....come be yourself

Discover famous gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender power players that are using their influence to enact positive change in the United States and beyond. Here is some of the list:

Tim Cook                CEO, Apple, 55

Ellen DeGeneres   Talk Show Host/Producer/Spokesperson, 58

Rachel Maddow     News Anchor/Political Commentator, 43

Anderson Cooper   News Anchor, 48

Ryan Murphy          Writer/Director/Producer, 50

Mary Kay Henry     International President, SEIU, 58

Andy Cohen           TV Producer/Talk Show Host, 47

Caitlyn Jenner        TV Personality/Olympian, 66

Zachary Quinto      Actor/Producer, 38

Don Lemon            News Anchor, 50

Barry Diller            Chairman and Senior Executive, IAC, 74

Tammy Baldwin     U.S. Senator, 54

Neil Patrick Harris  Actor/TV Personality, 42

Sia Furler               Singer/Songwriter/Producer, 40

Peter Thiel             Entrepreneur/Investor, 48

Greg Berlanti         Writer/Director/Producer, 43

David Geffen          Media Mogul/Philanthropist, 73

Ellen Page              Actor/Producer, 29

Anthony Romero     Executive Director, ACLU, 50

Lana & Lilly Wachowski   Filmmakers, 50 and 48

Michael Kors           Fashion Mogul, 56

Chad Griffin            President, Human Rights Campaign, 42

Jill Soloway            Writer/Director/Producer, 50

DeRay Mckesson   Social Justice Activist, 30

Shepard Smith        News Anchor, 52

Scott Rudin             Producer, 57

Robin Roberts        TV Host, 55

David Cicilline         U.S. Representative, Rhode Island, 54

Jussie Smollett       Actor/Singer, 32

Darren Walker        President, Ford Foundation, 56

Laverne Cox           Actress/Transgender Advocate, 31

Kate Mckinnon        Comedian, 32

Jared Polis              U.S. Representative, Colorado, 40

Megan Smith          CTO of the United States, 51

Jane Lynch             Actress, 55

RuPaul Charles      Drag Queen/Actor/Recording Artist, 55

Glenn Greenwald   Journalist/Lawyer, 49

Nate Silver              Statistician/Writer, 38

Mark Takano           U.S. Representative, California, 55

Harvey Levin          Founder and Managing Editor, TMZ, 65

Dan Savage           Author/Journalist/Activist, 51

Tim Gill                  Founder, Gill Foundation, 62

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